Amazon Finds: Outdoor Addition

Amazon Finds: Outdoor Addition

This blog post contains affiliate links. These are all things I bought and use.


Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller this is a must for anyone who spends time outside! And it really does work!!

thermacell refill 

wasp & hornet spray  I sprayed this in the mud dauber  hole and they seem to be gone.


Hummingbird ant moat


Hummingbird feeder 

Shepherd hook/ bird feeder pole (I use these to hang the hummingbird feeders

Oriole feeder the hummingbirds also use this.


Oriole  jelly holder/ orange holder I only used the jelly side below is the jelly I used 

Oriole  jelly 




Reflective pinwheels  I use these around the bird feeder and flower bed to keep the neighbors chickens away.


landscaping fabric this is really thick and seems to work well. I put this down before I started my raised bed garden.


Garden netting  you get a lot of this 




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