Mickey & Minnie Pumpkin DIY

Mickey & Minnie Pumpkin DIY

Here are the supplies you need to make the pumpkins! Here are the links to items I used most of them I picked up from Hobby Lobby and bonus they were on sale at the time!

Video Tutorial

Supplies List

Orange Pumpkin

Cream Pumpkin Picks 2 per pumpkin

Mickey Pumpkin stencil  (I cut out the black part to create a stencil) (For the size pumpkin I made I used the larger stencil)

Paint Marker (This is what I used)

Here are some paint markers from Hobby lobby. Haven't used these.

Black Paint 

Foam Brushes

Mod Podge ( needed for glitter ears)

Black Glitter ( needed for glitter ears)

Purple Ribbon (needed for minnie bow)

Pop Stick (to attach  minnie bow to)

fall leaves ( for fall version)

needle, thread, hot glue gun for making Minnie bow

Paint the small pumpkins Black.

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