Rules Of Disney Bounding (Hint there are none)

Rules Of Disney Bounding (Hint there are none)

First off there are no rules when is comes to Disney bounding. But I thought I would share some tips that might be helpful if you are just getting started!!!


  • Have Fun: One of the most important parts of Disney bounding is to have fun. If it's causing you too much stress take a step back and ask your self why. It's probably one of 2 things comparing your Disney bound to someones you saw on social media or you don't think you are doing is right / the colors aren't matching exactly. We will discuss both of those in a second.
  • Stop Comparing: There are sooo many creators on social media that put together these amazing Disney bounds that it can be really hard not to compare. It's even harder when you are just getting started. Sometimes when I see an amazing Disney bound and wish I could put together a Disney bound to look just like it I often realize the items they use I don't own anything similar and I would actually never wear those pieces of clothing anyways!!! If you don't like dresses don't wear dresses or if you love dresses don't feel like you have to always wear pants. Make your Disney bound as unique as you are!!!


  • I Don't Think I'm Doing It Right: Like I said at the beginning there are no rules so that means there is no right or wrong way to Disney bound. Now there are some creators that will tell you if you are Disney bounding as certain characters you should use this color and not that color, But when you are just getting started I wouldn't worry about that as much. I will say the more I Disney Bound the more I start to see colors differently! And it's not uncommon to put together a Disney bound that you think is for one character and for someone else to see a different character all together. And thats ok and it doesn't mean you did it wrong. There are sooo many Disney characters that have similar color pallets that people might get it confused from time to time! And if you are ever stuck and need some help I am always happy to help. 


  • You Don't Have To Buy New Clothes: This right here is the reminder I needed!! For me personally I try to always look in my closet first and see if I can find something that would work before I go buy anything new. With a few exceptions those being the March Disney bound challenge (everyday there is a new prompt for a Disney bound/ but you don't have to buy new items I just like too), planing a Disney bound for my Disney trip, or deciding I want a pretty dress to film some princess content with (This happened a few weeks ago).  One of my rule for buying new clothes for a Disney bound is the items have to be things I will actually wear. Like I said earlier if you don't like dresses don't buy dresses. I will say when you are getting started this can be really hard. Some things I bought at the beginning of my Disney bound journey were circle skirts and different shirts in multiple different colors, headbands, bows, and belts. A lot of time adding an accessory can give you just that pop of color you need. Also a few Disney bounding accounts I follow find items at thrifts stores so that could also be an option. Oh and you don't need / don't have to have a Loungefly to match your bound!! I know it can be tempting but just know it's not necessary!!! 


  • Let Your Personal Style Shine: This is also very important!! We all have our own styles so don't be afraid to show them. And sticking with your own style I think is what makes you stand apart from the crowd. And even though a character may wears dresses or skirts just know you don't have to if thats not your style. And the same is true if a character wears pants and you are a dress girl wear your dresses!!! Embrace your own style and let it shine. Your Disney bound doesn't have to look like anyone else's!!!


I hope you found this helpful! These are still things I have to remind myself from time to time!! Disney bounding can and should be fun as long as you remember to stop comparing and it doesn't have to be perfect. 


In my next blog post I am going to start with Mickey Mouse and break it down and show you some different options for Disney bounding as mickey! 


Have a magical day!


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